Builder Spotlight – January 2016

Olson Construction

I know everyone is busy (that’s great!) and doesn’t have time to read a long bio of me, so I’m going to bullet point a few things

  • Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 2.03.08 PMBorn and raised in Stamford, Texas
  • 1986: Graduated ACU with a BS in Ag Business
  • With exception of being a pharmaceutical sales rep for 1 week, I’ve never been gainfully employed…only self employed
  • 1986: Built first spec house in Heritage Parks. Had an offer soon after completion within $4,000 of my asking price and declined it. I held that house for just over 2 years. I’ll share a little nugget of advice: “One offer in reason is better than none for many a season.”
  • 1986-1990: Survived these years by welding, building fences and decks, installing screen doors, and whatever jobs I could get (ask Mike Hall!). I did manage to build 2-3 custom homes in late 89 through 90 and a few small add-ons/renovations.
  • 1991 – Inspired by the success of Southland Homes (Rick and Tammy Worley) I borrowed $15,000 for various types of advertising and around 75 yard signs. Contacted every vacant lot owner in multiple subdivisions in Abilene to allow me to put a sign on their lot to gain exposure.
  • 1991: Built my second spec house on Bayhill in Champions. Sold it!
  • 1991-Present: There certainly have been peaks and valleys but have been blessed with enough work to be a contractor in the residential and commercial building industry in Abilene continuously for 30 years. (In 1997-1999 while still building homes in Abilene I also had a concrete company in Kansas. We poured over 1 million sq. ft. of concrete for hog barns in Kansas and the panhandle of Oklahoma.)

More than a timeline:
• GOD: first and foremost is the reason I’ve enjoyed the success I have and hope and pray he continues to do so. I am the reason that success has not been greater!• My wife Kim: largely responsible for helping me keep my eye on the ball. She is the smartest, most hard working and honest woman and person I know and am proud to say she is my best friend!

Lastly, I’ve been fortunate and have benefited by knowing, learning from, encouraged, and inspired by several folks that only a few of y’all reading this have probably heard of. The names below are a few of the “Oldtimers” of our industry, or associated with it, that in some way made an impact on me. There are some still around, but most are gone. I’m grateful to know or to have known all of them. To name just a few:
Ray Lewis, Horace King, Weldon “Tootie” King, “Digger” Odell, Tommie Harendt Sr. (you too Jr. – but I did say “Oldtimers”) Kenneth Faulkner (Don-you too, but again, “Oldtimers”) Rueben Rouse, I.S. Gathright and our very own Bill Brabbin, Ray Scott, Kenneth L. Musgrave, Danny Kirk, Dan Gibbs, Roy White, Bill Bradshaw, and last but not least – Jasmine Hoffman.

Wishing everyone a blessed and great 2016!

Associate Spotlight – January 2016

Weldon Hurt of Pest Patrol

pestPatrolBizCardWeldon Hurt started Pest Patrol on January 17, 1992.  The name “Pest Patrol” came from the western theme of being in Abilene and West Texas.  The first few years the company operated as a 1-2 truck operation.  Pest Patrol has grown to 12 full-time employees covering communities from Eastland to Big Spring.  Pest Patrol team players are Cody Cox, Freddie Chacon, JD Shaffer, David Culbert,  Larry Floyd, Brad Cheek, John Buchanan, Jason Williams, Alisa Darby, Jenna Quinn, Weldon Hurt and Debbie Hurt.

In 1999 Weldon and Debbie were married and Debbie joined the Pest Patrol team.  We have two sons Bryson and Bran-son.  Bryson and his wife, Terra, have three sons, Caden, Brody and Brooks.  Branson has a daughter Adalyn Jane.
As a family owned and operated business, our number one focus is providing our customers with the best pest control services available.  We offer residential and commercial pest control services, as well as termite and bed bug services.  We have the experience that matters to get you the results your searching for.  PLEASE CALL 690-9245 TO SPEAK WITH OUR LOCAL AND FRIENDLY STAFF.

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